We understand that CCTV is mainly used as a deterrent for both commercial and residential properties but due to investments in technology, todays CCTV systems can be used for much more. Whether your requirement is to protect a single premise or a multi-site business across the UK, 8point8 have the industry expertise to be able to design, Install and maintain stand alone or integrated CCTV systems.

New Design & Installation

8point8 have become a trusted partner for businesses across a multitude of sectors when it comes to design and installation of new CCTV systems. CCTV systems can be installed in both internal and external environments to protect the premises, people and assets. Whether your requirement is purely for security purposes or you wish to make use of analytics within the camera for Marketing purposes, we offer a free consultation to ensure we put together the correct solution for you.

System Upgrades

We understand that technology within the CCTV industry is changing fast and we work with the leading distributors and manufacturers to ensure that we are always able to offer the latest technology to our customers. There are now several cost-effective ways to utilise old equipment and cabling while ensuring the end result is a HD quality image. To discuss how we can help you please get in touch today.

Maintenance and Monitoring

At Zimocom our biggest driver is customer service and delivering on what we promise is our priority. Whether we have installed a new CCTV system, or we are offering a maintenance package on an existing system we have the maintenance package to suit.

For new systems we offer a package to include planned preventative maintenance to ensure your CCTV system is always operating to its optimum. Along side this, we offer 24 hour, 365 days a year support. Whether this be, remote, on the phone or a site call out you can rest assured that our experienced engineers are there to help.

Whether you are not happy with your current security maintenance provider or looking for a cost saving, Zimocom have a wealth of experience when it comes to taking over existing systems. Upon take over we offer a full dilapidation report to ensure we are fully transparent on our recommendations. Following this we will ensure your systems stay compliant with planned preventative maintenance and our 24 hour call out service.

CCTV systems can become far more effective when monitored as they become not only a deterrent but an proactive security measure, helping prevent crimes before they happen. Through our monitoring partner we can offer you a tailored solution including keyholder and police response to ensure your buildings and assets are secure when you are not there.